About Us

A Dynamic Duo:
Joe & Cynthia


Palát Catering, an award-winning cuisine and event service that has forged a reputation for itself, brings refined global cuisine and exemplary service to the finest Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area homes and venues. We create delicious and inspired dishes using only the freshest ingredients, emphasizing taste and exemplary style. Husband and wife team, Joe and Cynthia Roberson (he is the culinary genius, and she is the planner that makes it all happen), bring a wealth of knowledge to the events industry with decades of hands-on experience.  Together Cynthia and Chef Joe are unstoppable! Talk to us about your next event. We are here to cater to your every need, making your life easier and more delicious all at once.


Executive Chef
Joe Roberson

Joe Roberson, the Executive Chef /Owner at Palát Catering, was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was exposed to a style of cooking that ignited unique French Culture and traditional American influences to create a flavorful masterpiece.

Chef Roberson began working as a dishwasher at the age of sixteen, three years later he became interested in becoming a chef. Sparking the attention of his training by European Chef/Owner, Knut Apitz of The Grenadiers Restaurant, one of Milwaukee’s finest and only Four-star Mobil Travel Guide Restaurant. Chef Roberson was employed there for over twenty-two years; he enjoyed the journey of learning European style cuisine.

With careful instruction and training, and his love for cooking Chef Roberson decided to make it a professional career. Chef Roberson received an Associate of Arts Degree in Culinary from MATC

VP Operations
Cynthia Roberson

With the rapid growth of the business, Cynthia recently took on the full-time role of Vice President of Operations and is excited about using innovative practices to build sustainability. She has many years of experience developing operational logistics and providing high-caliber administrative support in the non-profit industry. She enjoys having the opportunity to utilize those skills in the business she and her husband built from the ground up, leaving a legacy for her family. Cynthia takes her role seriously and is extraordinarily passionate about the creative director aspect of her work. She is all about the details, ensuring the food and decor is always beautifully presented, while customizing and strategically personalizing every aspect of each event. Cynthia believes in customer-centered service without compromise and will always ensure her clients are delighted with their Palát Catering experience.

Awards & Accolades

  • Chef Roberson received an Associate of Arts Degree in Culinary from MATC

  • Member of The Restaurant Association

  • Featured in the Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

  • Catered for the Mayor of Milwaukee

  • Catered for the Ronald McDonald House

  • Featured with Ms. Julia Childs during an event in Milwaukee at the Grenadiers

  • Awarded the American Culinary Federation’s Achievement of Excellence Award

  • Previous Executive Chef at The Pieces of Eight Restaurant 

  • A Sous Chef at the Pfister Hotel and the Milwaukee Country Club

  • Previous  Director of Operations for Fresh and Safe Catering.

  • Personal Chef for Dr. Kailas Rao, a quadruple bypass heart patient

  • Chef Roberson featured at the Petco Foundation as their guest chef on the Bing Crosby Estate.

  • Worked in Switzerland at the Bellevue Hotel in Braunwald, Hotel Montana in Lucerne and the Hufwasbad Hotel in Appenzell.

  • Author of Heart Healthy Cookbook, coming soon!